'Sorry To Bother You' Review

'Sorry To Bother You' Review
An Extremely Different and Surreal Satire

Rating: ★★★★

From first-time director rapper Boots Riley comes 'Sorry To Bother You', an unusual satire set in an alt-reality present-day version of Oakland follows black telemarketer Cassius Green as he discovers a magical key to professional success - which also unlocks macabre information.

The movie is at its best - in terms of engagement and entertainment - when it fully utilizes and dives deep into its magical realism elements. While some scenes do feel like they slightly shy away from its fantastical premise and concepts, easily being the weakest moments in the film, they are ultimately saved not only by being very few and far between but also by the fun performances from the cast, most notably Lakeith Stanfield stellar performance as Green, and the witty screenplay from Riley.

One of the most surreal and bizarre films this reviewer has ever seen, American rapper Boots Riley's directorial debut 'Sorry To Bother You' is a smart, funny and ambitious feature that would have benefited from an extended runtime that would explore more of its incredible premise and concepts. It is truly a testament to the talented cast and crew that this movie's sharp and biting social commentary about power and corruption isn't lost in its unconventional satirical elements and weird moments, but with that being said, there is no guarantee that every audience member would enjoy this movie given its unorthodox style.