'The Last Airbender' Review

'The Last Airbender' Review
A Failure of a Movie Adaptation

Rating: ★

Two years after 'The Happening', a hilarious and incompetent quote-unquote "science-fiction thriller", was released into cinemas, director M. Night Shyamalan returns to the big screens once again with yet another mess, 'The Last Airbender'.
The movie adaptation of the beloved animated show of the same name follows 12-year-old Aang, the Last Airbender, who must put his childhood aside embark on a quest to restore harmony in the Water, Earth and Air nations and help stop and prevent the chaos caused by the Fire Nation.

As someone who has only seen a little bit of 'Avatar: The Last Airbender', I was not overly offended by how they took the story and its characters. What made me offended is how poorly made this $150 million movie is.
The movie suffers from multiple flaws including but not limited to jarring editing, stilted performances, terrible dialogue and rushed storytelling. Although the movie is, the majority of the time, horrible, it does have two elements that make it just watchable. One is that the movie can be so bad to the point of laughter and the other is the decent-at-best CGI. Those two elements aren't enough to remotely save the movie nor enough for me to recommend it to anyone to watch, but it shows there is a slight bit of quality to be found in this garbage.

A far cry from the films from the early days of M. Night's career, 'The Last Airbender' is an incompetent mess. Having not seen more than one episode of the original show, I don't have a history with the show. But as a piece of cinema, as a film, this was terrible.
Filled to the brim with clunky and constant exposition, forced performances, dreadful editing and awful creative decisions, this feature-length turd is an infrequently laughable, oftentimes unbearable watch that no one should submit themselves to watch, not even fans of the show.