'Nine Live' Review

'Nine Lives' Review
An Inept and Boring Kid's Film About Adorable Cats

Rating: ½

From competent director Barry Sonnenfeld and starring great actors such as Kevin Spacey and Christopher Walken comes 'Nine Lives' (or 'Mr Fuzzypants'), one of the most inept and boring kids' orientated flicks from the past decade.
What was originally pitched as an introspective and sophisticated Woody Allen-esque film that was not for children, ended up being the complete opposite.
The movie follows workaholic billionaire Tom Brand, as he goes to buy a cat for his daughter's birthday but ends up getting more than he bargains for when his consciousness is transferred into the cat during a freak accident. Now with a week before his comatose body dies, Tom must restore his relationships with his wife and daughter before it is too late.

It is truly astonishing that 'Nine Lives' got past the writing stage. A movie businessman who wants his new building to tallest building in the Northern Hemisphere, as he finds himself trapped in the body of a cat doesn't sound interesting for kids. Outside of kitten-human body-swapping, nothing about this movie is for children. A lot of the movie is dedicated to mature scenes such as serious business meetings. No kid wants to watch grown-up people talk business, they want to watch a cat do silly things. With that being said, the movie won't even be entertaining to adults either. All the jokes are incredibly childish and unfunny.
'Nine Lives' throws a broad net, hoping to target several demographics but instead ends up making a movie for no one.

Constantly cynical and littered with lifeless performances from a cast including two great actors such as Academy Award winners Kevin Spacey and Christopher Walken, unfunny jokes and dull storylines and characters, it is amazing to think this was a movie that had a theatrical run. The only positive that can be drawn from 'Nine Lives' is that the cats are adorable.