'Mean Girls' Review

'Mean Girls' Review
An Ageless Modern Teen Comedy Classic

Rating: ★★★★

Essentially a tamer version of the 80s cult classic dark comedy 'Heathers', 'Mean Girls' is an iconic high school comedy.
The movie follows Cady, who has been homeschooled her entire life, as she joins a new public school and befriends two outcasts, Janis and Damian. But when she becomes a hit with The Plastics, Cady, with Janis and Damian, plan to take down the A-List clique.

One of the many reasons this movie is so iconic and beloved is because of the excellent cast of characters. Each of the main characters may be one-note but they are saved and ultimately made memorable for their entertaining personalities and enjoyable performances from the respective actors. Although the students are each horrible and/or dumb people, sabotaging and ruining each other's lives, it is a testament to the actors that were able to make their characters both likable and relatable. The way relationships between characters form and dissolve is so compelling and entertaining to watch unfold.  

With 'Mean Girls', you'll come for a great teen comedy and leave pleasantly surprised by how brilliant and clever the screenplay penned by Tina Fey is. Given it is a comedy, it is inevitable that it would be filled with jokes aplenty, and rarely do they falter. Even the worst jokes (usually linked to a form of cheap humour such as potty) still serve a necessary purpose. Beyond that, the screenplay also balances social commentary that makes fun of high school and its hierarchies. Its satirical side is where it becomes more outlandish and absurd (in an enjoyable way). The way it shows how Cady sees high school as a wild jungle with her fellow students acting like animals are some of the best satirical scenes of the movie.

On the surface, 'Mean Girls' may appear to be yet another teen comedy but thanks to its amazing screenplay and outstanding ensemble cast, 'Mean Girls' deservingly elevated to ageless modern teen classic status.