'The Half of It' Review

'The Half of It' Review
A Sweet Teen LGBT+ Rom-Com

Rating: ★★★½

When Netflix phones in a movie, producing a something just so they have content on their service, it's very obvious. But when they put effort into it, it's a nice little treat. Thankfully, 'The Half of It' is the latter.
From writer-director Alice Wu, the movie follows a shy, straight-A student Ellie as she helps school jock Paul woo a girl, whom they both secretly love.
Several times throughout this movie's 104-minute runtime, there are comparisons to 2018's Netflix "rom-com" 'Sierra Burgess Is a Loser'. But unlike that movie, this film is sweet, good and not creepy.
The movie deals with its themes of sexual identity in a mostly subtle and nuanced way. The character of Ellie isn't just gay, she is a fully formed and three-dimensional character who just happens to be gay.
While the performances from the main trio range from in quality, they never go into bad territory. Leah Lewis is great as Ellie. If it wasn't for her performance, Ellie would be a much harder person to like and root for. Daniel Diemer is perfect as Paul. He gives him this child-like sensibility that makes him so entertaining to watch on-screen. Alexxis Lemire does well with what she is given but for the most part, her character is restricted to an objective, something both main characters want.
With performances that range from good to cheesy, a simplistic plot and effective messages, 'The Half of It' is a very enjoyable and heartfelt LGBT+ teen rom-com.