'Love Wedding Repeat' Review

'Love Wedding Repeat' Review
A Lazy and Unfunny Netflix Rom-Com

Rating: ★½

Netflix's obvious obsession with the rom-com subgenre continues with 'Love Wedding Repeat'.
The movie follows alternative versions of the same wedding as the brother of the bride Jack tries to make his sister’s big day perfect while also trying to reconnect with a woman from his past. 
While the premise isn’t original, it holds a lot of potential; a lot of potential that ultimately isn’t used to its fullest. In the third season of ‘Community’, there is an episode titled ‘Remedial Chaos Theory’. That episode shares a similar premise as this film, exploring different possibilities of what would happen when each member of the study group goes downstairs to collect the pizza. In a runtime five times shorter than this movie, director Jeff Melman and writer Chris McKenna manage to flesh out the concept and use it in interesting ways, something writer-director of ‘Love Wedding Repeat’ Dean Craig didn’t do; showcasing how lazy this movie is. The movie spends almost an hour on one of the possible eight outcomes, rushes through six of them in a quick one-to-two minute montage and then uses the rest to explore the eighth outcome. Majority of what happens in seven of those alternate realities are essentially rendered mute as they don't factor into anything that happens in the eighth timeline.
This film is basically a poorly remade 'Death at a Funeral' but instead of a funeral, it's a wedding and every scene feels like the first take, it's constantly cringy awkward and all the actors share zero chemistry.
Outside of Joel Fry’s funny performance in the first hour and some unintentionally enjoyable moments scattered throughout, there isn't much of actual quality in ‘Love Wedding Repeat’. If you’re bored on a Sunday afternoon and just want to switch your brain off for 100-minutes, this is the movie for that.