'It's a Disaster' Review

'It's a Disaster' Review
A Bleak Dark Comedy

Rating: ★★★★

Todd Berger's 'It's a Disaster' is, well, far from a disastrous film. The movie, which is best experienced blind, is set entirely in one house as it explores the human instinct as four couples are trapped when they learn several dirty bombs were detonated downtown, with a cloud of deadly VX gas coming towards them.

This movie is certainly not for everyone, eight people waiting for their slow deaths doesn't sound like it would be a universal darling. Those who found that short synopsis to be uneasy will most likely not enjoy this film, but those who are willing to watch it may probably be entertained by Berger's smart writing and clever direction as well as the excellent cast.

The movie plays out like a subtle thriller disguised as a bleak dark comedy. It is constantly tense, you are always wondering what will happen to our main cast of characters next. The sense of humour this movie has isn't laugh out loud hilarious, more mildly amusing. The jokes don't come from verbal set-up and pay-off but instead from how the couples' mental states slowly dwindle.

The way it explores the characters' gradually becoming more insane was quite interesting. America Ferrera gave a scene-stealing performance as chemistry teacher Hedy. Given her character's knowledge on the VX gas, she knows exactly what is going to happen in a few short hours. And the way she spends them is thoroughly funny.
There isn't a weak link in this cast. Each actor, from Julia Stiles and David Cross to Jeff Grace and Erinn Hayes, is perfectly cast in their roles, giving impeccable performances.

A unique blend of arthouse and studio comedy, 'It's a Disaster' is an entertaining yet terrifying exploration of what people would do during their final moments before they die. It may not be for everyone but those who are willing to go with it will be pleasantly surprised by the filmmaking and performances by the cast.