'Shark Exorcist' Review

'Shark Exorcist' Review
The Worst Movie To Unnecessarily Exist

Rating: 0

As a movie buff and reviewer, I've seen quite a lot of films. Out of the ever-growing list of movies I've seen, which is coming close to 1,200, I've watched the critically acclaimed masterpieces such as 'Parasite', 'Portrait of a Lady on Fire' and 'The Godfather' as well as my fair share of universally panned trainwrecks such as 'The Emoji Movie', 'Swiped' and 'Cats'. So know that I truly mean it when I say 'Shark Exorcist' is the worst movie of all time!
The movie follows the "horrifying" events that take place at a small lake after a demonic nun summons a devil-possessed man-eating shark that starts attacking innocent lake-goers.
Not only is the movie the definition of "awful", but it feels completely unnecessary. For a movie to be a movie, it must meet a criteria. The movie must tell a story that deserves the right of being told and it must be made with passion; it must have effort put into it. 'Shark Exorcist' gets an F when it comes to both.
With terrible writing, abysmal editing, annoying scenes that never-end and only service as filler, bad direction, horrendous cinematography, unlikeable characters, dreadful pacing that makes a 70-minute long movie feel like it's going on for eternity and horrible visual effects, 'Shark Exorcist' is a headache-inducing disaster that insults both the audience and the film industry. Don't even touch this movie with a ten-foot pole!