'Jexi' Review

'Jexi' Review
A Glitch in the System

Rating: ★★

Simply put, 'Jexi' is a cliched, predictable misfire from the directors behind the 'Bad Moms' series.
The movie follows Phil, a mobile phone addicted loner with no friends and non-existent love life. But when he is forced to upgrade his phone, Phil learns his latest model comes with an artificial intelligence life coach and virtual assistant named Jexi. Although it helps him get a real-life, Jexi quickly morphs into a tech nightmare.
'Jexi' goes from funny to cringy to annoying to cringy again to annoying again several times throughout its 84 minutes runtime. While there can be some laughs had at the expense of the movie's unintentional idiocracy and how unapologetically mean Jexi can be towards Phil, a lot of the jokes fall flat on their face.
Actor Adam Devine gives an okay performance as the main protagonist Phil, but nothing he did could've saved the character from the poor screenplay and the constant flip-flopping between being an entertaining buffoon and an incredibly unlikeable douche. 
The biggest problem the movie suffers from is a lack of focus. It wants to be a rom-com, a social satire on the excessive use of phones and an absurdist comedy all-at-once but never commits to any nor does it flesh them out enough.
With its uneven direction, mediocre performances, hit-or-miss humour and awful writing, 'Jexi' will leave you asking your virtual assistant to find better comedy.