'Don't Breathe' Review

'Don't Breathe' Review
A Disappointing Thriller

Rating: ★★

Tension, it's one of the many elements that make horrors and thrillers great. The feeling of inevitable dread slowly creeping up on us is one of the many reasons audiences enjoy horror and thrillers. So in Fede Alvarez' 'Don't Breathe', why does the tension fall flat despite its desperate efforts? It's because of its poor writing and unlikeable characters you're supposed to root for.
The premise is simple: three thieves, thinking they'll make a quick and easy buck, attempt to rob a blind man. And while there are some interesting concepts derived from that premise, it's ultimately let down by the way the writers use their characters to play out the scenario. The movie both features a heavy amount of plot holes and ping pongs back and forth, redeeming characters and justifying their decisions as well as turning other characters into morally wrong people without it feeling earned.
The biggest example of this is what they do with Stephen Lang's character in the latter half of the film. What they do with him is disturbing, gross and down-right tasteless.
While there was a lot this reviewer disliked about 'Don't Breathe', there was a handful of elements he believes did work.
The acting from the cast is very solid. Jane Levy gives a great performance and Stephen Lang can be terrifying as the unpredictable blind man, the cinematography was visually interesting and engaging and the two scenes that truly live up to the premise are fantastic, including one in which the burglars are chased through a maze of shelves in pitch-black darkness. It encapsulates the titular statement perfectly.
Outside of the few positives, there isn't a lot to like. 'Don't Breathe' has such an intriguing premise that it was disappointing to see it tragically brought down by its bad writing and unrootable characters.