'Military Wives' Review

'Military Wives' Review
A Formulaic yet Feel Good Biopic

Rating: ★★★½

Based on the true story of a group of women whose husbands and wives have gone off to serve in Afghanistan, who faced with their absence, form a choir in a military base that quickly becomes the centre of a global movement.
Formulaic but feel good and infrequently tear-inducing, 'Military Wives' is a serviceable film that's perfect for girl's night out at the cinemas.
At its core, 'Military Wives' is an interesting story that is entertaining to watch unfold onscreen, but the way director Peter Catteneo tells it is very cookie cutter. If you've seen any biopic before, you'll probably see where this film will go.
There are several scenes throughout, most notably the choir scene with all the characters, that'll give you goosebumps. These scenes make the few and far between "drama for the sake of drama" frustrating moments worth sitting through.
The acting from the cast is merely good; no one is great but no one is anywhere near terrible. They do well with what they're given.
All said and done, 'Military Wives' may be predictable but it knows exactly what it is: a charming, infrequently funny, heart-warming and often moving dramedy designed to be loved by your mother.