'Bloodshot' Review

'Bloodshot' Review
The Definition of "Dumb-Fun"

Rating: ★★★

In recent years, superhero movies have been trying to prove themselves to be something more than disposable action fluff, 'Bloodshot' is not one of those films.
A blend of 'Upgrade', 'The Terminator' and 'The Cabin in the Woods' (to a certain extent), this bombastic revenge flick is exactly that, bombastic. Without going into too much detail (unlike the trailers), this movie follows marine Ray Garrison who, after witnessing his wife's murder and then being killed himself, is brought back to life using nanotechnology by a mysterious tech company known as RST. Now a superhuman killing machine, Ray is out for revenge but something isn't quite right.
Surprisingly this movie has some cool concepts up its sleeve, that were spoiled in the trailers. Sadly these concepts weren't fleshed out or explored enough, which was a bummer.
If you were to ask this reviewer what the plot of 'Bloodshot' actually was about, he would honestly answer with "No!". The movie didn't really care what the plot was about anyway. It just wanted villains to be villains because they are bad people and the heroes to be heroes because they are good people; the movie just wanted to go from one piece of action to the next, and that's perfectly fine since the movie didn't want to do anything more than that.
In the acting department: Vin Diesel mistakes yelling for acting while also doing his usual "action hero" shtick, Guy Pierce delivers a solid performance, Eiza González continues to prove herself to be something more than eye-candy, Lamorne Morris borders funny and annoying with his constant quips and Toby Kebbell was the best out of the cast, despite having the shortest runtime, as he fully embodies the ridiculousness with his scenery-chewing performance.
You're probably wondering, how's the action? Well, don't expect anything special. While the scene involving Ray hunting down his wife's killer in Budapest is most likely the best action sequence in the film, it's also leagues behind anything you'd find in the other action franchise such as John Wick. Plagued by quick-cuts, the frequent shaky cam and darkness, these scenes are passable enough to have a good time while watching.
If you were to look at 'Bloodshot' critically, it's a bad movie. But viewed as turn-your-brain-off, escapism entertainment, it's highly enjoyable.