'Sarah' Review

'Sarah' Review
A Fun Short Horror Film

Rating: ★★★★

'Sarah' is a horror short film by writer-director Grayson Chaney and the short stars Tyler Richmeier as Trevor and Jess Adams as the titular Sarah.
The movie follows Trevor throughout the night as he is swiping left on a Tinder-esque app named Matchr. As the night goes on, another user who goes by the name of Sarah repeatedly pops up, and that's when the horror begins.
Firstly, I must praise the beautiful cinematography. Each shot was framed-well and told the story in a gorgeous way.
Majority of the film has no dialogue, it relies on the acting from Richmeier and he doesn't collapse under the pressure. He delivered a good performance.
The titular villain of the movie was creepy. Besides a limited amount of shots, she mainly appears on the dating app. Building the tension with by mainly using spooky profile pictures and a limited amount of real-life interactions worked astonishingly well.
The movie had an underlying goofiness to it. A story about an evil ghost woman with a Tinder account sounds fun and ridiculous but if the tone had leaned more into that, it would have been better.
If it wasn't for some bizarre sound editing decisions, the score, a remix of "M33t_Cut3" by Alexia Riner, would have been better but it still manages to be incredible as well as eerie.
Grayson Chaney's 7 minute horror short is a fun time that delievered entertaining scares and good performances for the finite cast.

If you would like to watch 'Sarah', it is on Vimeo for free. Here is the link: https://vimeo.com/285723713

A special thanks to Joseph Anthony Ruiz for recommending this short film.