'Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II' Review

'Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II' Review
Seth Green's Masterclass of Comedy

Rating: ★★★★

Beginning with the horrific (yet darkly funny) mass murder of Ewoks by the audacious Boba Fett, Seth Green proves once again in his follow up to 'Robot Chicken: Star Wars' that he is a comedic genius and has a dark sense of humour.
Running at the same length as it's predecessor, this compilation of hilarious skits is filled to the brim with funny jabs at Star Wars and it's extensive universe.
Once again, the stop motion animation is incredible. The life filled energetic characters make the movie enjoyable to watch.
An entertaining follow-up to the 2007 special, 'Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II' is funnier and better then it's predecessor.