'Notes from Melanie' Review

'Notes from Melanie' Review
A Great Dramedy from an Up and Coming Director

Rating: ★★★★

From an up and coming director and screenwriter, Chris Stuckmann has proved himself to be someone to look out for with his latest short film 'Notes from Melanie'.
The story follows Joe, a screenwriter who is known for his rip-off mockbusters, as he asks for advice from his former colleague Melanie on his first serious script.
The short balances the genres of comedy and drama magnificently. Never did it feel jarring when it switched in between the two.
The performances from Mason Heidger and KateLynn E. Newberry were amazing. Both worked incredibly well as comedic and dramatic actors. John Flickinger also does a wonderful job as the actor who is in every spoof film Joe writes.
The cinematography by Greg Kraus was visually stunning. Not a single frame felt dull.
The writing, while not perfect, was self-aware and tackled it's subject matter impressively well.
An entire twenty-minute short all set inside a single room (besides the mockbusters excerpts) shouldn't have worked as well as it did but Chris Stuckmann, who has become popular in the movie community for his film reviews on YouTube, has delivered a well-acted dramedy short film that features great cinematography, an interesting story and excellent score, which leaves you wanting more from the director.