'Greener Grass' (Short Film) Review

'Greener Grass' (Short Film) Review
A Bizarre Comedy

Rating: ♥

'Greener Grass' is the most absurd short film, let alone movies in general, that I've seen. A movie, that after watching twice right after each other to fully grasp everything that happened, that is unrateable but I definitely know I liked it.
The 15-minute short is gorgeously shot. Each frame was filled with vibrant colors and set the tone of the movie very well.
The film featured fine performances from the cast. Each actor selling their odd characters who are so over-the-top yet dead serious.
The biggest problems the film suffers from is the rushed story and confusing ending. If the film was given a longer runtime, which it has now been adapted into a feature-length with the same name, to flesh out the characters and plot, it would have been better. Having seen it twice, the ending made zero sense both times and with a bit of explanation would have been more enjoyable.
The writing and comedy felt unique and unpredictable. I've never seen anything like this before. Each joke had a punchline that I would have never guessed due to its bizarreness, leading me to laugh at its absurdity.
With solid performances from it's cast, an outlandish style of comedy and writing, a creepy score, 'Greener Grass' is truly one of the eeriest, most offbeat short films and/or movies I've ever seen that left me confused as well as wanting more.