'Escape Room' Review

'Escape Room' Review
Watered-Down 'Saw'

Rating: ★★★½

I've done a few escape rooms before, but thankfully none like this.
'Escape Room' is a thrilling teen-friendly alternative to the 'Saw' franchise.
The opening scene, despite how spoiler-heavy it is, did a great job at setting the tone and intensity level for the one-hundred minutes that followed.
There were fine performances from the cast. The stand-out was Logan Miller as Ben, an empathetic alcoholic suffering from poor choices in his past.
The film was thoroughly entertaining the entire way through until the sluggish epilogue that's sole purpose is to tease an unnecessary sequel (that I know I'll watch).
Brian Taylor and John Carey's score is exhilarating. It built the tension incredibly well.
The cinematography was visually stunning. It truly captured the claustrophobia of the situation.
Bragi F. Schut and Maria Melnik's screenplay, while featuring some bizarre dialogue and poor character decisions, is relatively good.
Edward Thomas' production design is amazing. Each room had its own design, making the next room completely different from the last in a unique and fresh way. The best room was the Billiard Room, its puzzles were the most interesting and the Musical Chairs-esque falling floor felt me on the edge of my seat. 
If you're willing to not take the film too seriously, 'Escape Room' is a fun and exciting thriller that displays enjoyable performances, intriguing set-pieces, dazzling cinematography, tight pacing, an adequate script and a disaster of an ending.