'Love, Death + Robots: BEYOND THE AQUILA RIFT' Review

'Love, Death + Robots: BEYOND THE AQUILA RIFT' Review
'Passengers' with a Twist

Rating: ★★½

'BEYOND THE AQUILA RIFT' is similar to 2016's 'Passengers' but with a twist.
The animation was at times impressive and life-like, and other times it looked like a cutscene from a 5-year-old video game.
The screenplay was the worst part. It's terrible dialogue left more to be desired.
The story was predictable. Never was a surprise by a revelation.
The voice acting felt forced and uninspired.
The sexual content was unnecessary.
It's twist on the "stranded in space" story was interesting and I really enjoyed it. It's just a shame it wasn't used to its full capacity.
'BEYOND THE AQUILA RIFT' wasn't as good as I had hoped and would have worked more if it was a full-length feature film.