'Land of the Lost' Review

'Land of the Lost' Review
A Terrible Comedy

Rating: ★

A decade after my first watch of this "comedy" and a lot of my friends telling me to watch this, I decided rewatched 'Land of the Lost', and I regret it.
Outside of the two Today show scenes, there was not a single "joke" that was funny.
The script was offensively bad and the cinematography was insulting. The acting was meh and the pacing was terribly slow.
I'm writing this review right after I finished watching the film and I wouldn't even be able to tell you what happened, it's so forgettable.
The only two good things that made me rated this monstrosity a one-star are the Today show scenes, talked about earlier, and a single shot at the beginning of the movie.
This is truly one of the worst comedies I've seen in my life.

Thanks to Dan Severns and Jack McGrath for telling me to watch this film, they seemed to enjoy the movie.