'Men in Black: International' Review

'Men in Black: International' Review
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Image result for men in black international posterRating: ★★★

'Men in Black: International' stars Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson and is directed by F. Gary Gray. It is also the fourth entry in the 'Men in Black' series.
Tessa Thompson was one of the highlights as Agent M, the serious newcomer. Chris Hemsworth could have been better as Agent H, the laid-back experienced. But if you liked him as Kevin from 'Ghostbusters' (★★★½), you will thoroughly enjoy him in this. And Kumail Nanjiani as Pawny, the sidekick was a good choice.
This movie falls victim to the typical Hollywood editing that can be found in many action films these days. Instead of showing us one shot showing a ship landing, this movie decided to show us several angles of the ship landing. At least it isn't as bad as when Liam Neeson jumped a fence in 'Tak3n'.
This movie might not be as good as the other three (or as bad as the critics are saying it is) but it's still an amusing addition to the franchise.
F. Gary Gray does know how to build suspense using his actors and camera. This is especially evident within the final act, which was personally the best part of the film. The way the movie brought everything together was entertaining to watch. Along the way, you're guessing who could be betraying the MiB and the reveal was quite fun, but predictable.
In the end, if you want something fun to watch at the movies, go watch 'Men in Black: International'. It's entertaining, funny and a good way to spend two hours.

Am I the only person who thought the ending of this film was similar to 'The Lego Movie: The Second Part' (★★★★)?