'Pokemon: Detective Pikachu' Review

'Pokémon: Detective Pikachu' Review
Finally a Good Video Game Movie!

Rating: ★★★½
'Pokemon: Detective Pikachu' stars Ryan Reynolds as Detective Pikachu and Justice Smith as Tim Goodman. It is directed by Rob Letterman and is written by Dan Hernandez, Benji Samit, Rob Letterman and Derek Connolly
For the most part, 'Detective Pikachu' was a fun time at the movies.
 The first hour or so, the movie was a solid 3 stars. I was enjoying my self but the movie never met its full potential. All that was redeemed when the third act rolled along. The third act of this film is great. It's exciting and had great visuals. I did hear that people didn't like the ending, but I thought it was great.
The jokes in this film are quite funny. There were some jokes that the kids of the audience would laugh at, and others that only older part of the audience would understand.
Also, Ryan Reynolds as Detective Pikachu is one of the best things I've seen all year.