'District 9' Review

'District 9' Review
A Great Satire
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Rating: ★★★★
'District 9' is a movie that I had been eyeing off at my local blockbuster when it first came out to DVD. I was five years old and was curious to see what it was. Now ten years later, I've finally seen it and I think it's great but not without its issues.
First of all, I'm not sure if I'm supposed to love or hate the protagonist. He is as dumb as a brick but has a heart of gold. 
Also, the pacing was slow and it overstayed it's welcome at times. The switching between the two styles felt off in parts. The doco scenes grounded the film and made me feel as if this was real, all of this was happening. But when it was shot like a normal movie, the characters still felt real but it also felt a bit fake.
The design of the "prawns" was interesting and unlike anything I had seen before. I also sympathise with them a lot throughout the movie as you get to learn why they are on our planet. I do also like the character arc our protagonist has. It is cliched but it hits home the message that the movie wants to tell us. It thankfully took the subtle approach to the story and its morals instead of preaching it which I very liked as a fan of piecing movies together.
Overall, 'District 9' is a good Sci-Fi flick has solid special effects for its time, it had fantastic acting and had an original story but it was without problems.
Thank you to Larissa Ford for recommending this movie!