Russian Doll Season 1 Review

Russian Doll Season 1 Review
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Russian Doll is a Netflix Original TV Show created by Natasha Lyonne, Amy Poehler, and Leslye Headland and stars Natasha Lyonne and Charlie Barnett.
Lyonne plays Nadia Vulvokov, a drug-using video gamer coder who is haunted by something she did in the past. Barnett plays Alan Zaveri, a perfectionist who likes to control everything in his life and has low self-esteem.

Russian Doll doesn't really start until the fourth episode but that doesn't mean you should skip to that point. I use to think the first three episodes were pointless, but then I realized that they were essential as everything before the ending of episode three is important in establishing Nadia as a character and the world that she is reliving in. 

The season's theme song, 'Gotta Get Up' by Harry Nilsson, is an amazing song that I surprisingly didn't get tired of after the third and fourth time Nadia died.

This show is almost a masterclass of television. One of my problems with this show is that there was a scene that I felt unnecessary. It didn't do anything for the two main characters and felt too out-of-place. It reminded me of Joey and Rachel's relationship in the later seasons of Friends. The scene was barely mentioned, it's only callback was in the final episode of the season. 

This show is surprisingly rewatchable. Shows like this, story-structured, are that easy to go back and watch over and over again but this show is an anomaly. It packs so much content in the eight half-an-hour episodes.

Russian Doll is Netflix's new big thing. It gives people who are waiting for the third season of Stranger Things something to watch and is a very entertaining show. I'm a bit scared as it says Season One because where the show ended didn't feel like it could continue. And if they were to carry on Nadia and Alan's story, don't. The show is so well done and self-contained that it doesn't need any more seasons, even if they were to tell a story of another person's experience of the time loop. I'd recommend this show to anyone that likes Groundhog Day, Happy Death Day or Edge of Tomorrow, and to anyone that wants to watch another great Netflix Original show.