Letterboxd Reviews #2 Halloween 2018 Edition

Letterboxd Reviews #2 Halloween 2018 Edition

Hello Readers,
Letterboxd Reviews #3 Halloween 2018 Edition (which you are reading now) will be going up first, then later on in the day, I will be posting my review of IT (2017), my favourite horror movie.

Now to start the regularly scheduled Letterboxd Reviews:

1. The Evil Dead (1981); Stars: ★★★★ | Score: 9.5/10
The Evil Dead is an amazing horror film. It is entertaining from beginning to end. This is my second favourite out of the trilogy and the fourth best horror I've seen (This was written on Sunday 7th of October 2018) (Link: https://letterboxd.com/alexobrien/list/horror-movies-ive-seen/). Same Raimi showed that you can make a great movie, let alone horror movies, on a low budget. If you are a fan of film and horror, I highly recommend this movie to you. This movie also introduced Ash Williams, one of the most iconic horror characters, to the world.

2. A Quiet Place; Stars: ★★★★ | Score: 9.5/10
Great Horror/Thriller Movie. Need more comedians to direct movies in these genres.
The movie reminded me of The Evil Dead Trilogy in how it is a movie that goes for 1h 30m but feels like it goes for half an hour.
I watched this movie twice in 12 hours.
When I watched it for the second time, it was just me and someone else watching. When the movie started, there was no noise and decided to tell me "Can you please turn it up, I can't hear the movie", then she remembers the title of the movie, realised her mistake and becomes quiet.

3. Army of Darkness; Stars: ★★★½ | Score: 8/10
Worst out of the three but still pretty good. If they had done what Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn had done with the perfect blend of horror and comedy, it would have been great. Also, wish they bumped the rating up from M to R 18+.

4. The Babysitter; Stars: ★★★½ | Score: 8/10
This review may contain spoilers.
The Babysitter is apart of the few Netflix Original Movies that I liked. This is a good, fun horror film with plenty of great gore but it's not without its flaws. Firstly, how smart and nerdy Cole is, he's just a normal teenager in a horror movie. What I mean by that is he NEVER decides to run away when he sees an opportunity. Secondly, some shots, even though they cool and got the viewer more into Cole's shoes, go on forever. An example of this is when his parents leave for the weekend. This entire scene is one take in first-person perspective. It was good at the beginning but the scene went on and on and they didn't go to a different shot. That's where the flaws of this movie end for me. I had a lot of fun with this movie. I didn't expect it to be as gory as it was, but I'm happy anyways. This was the best movie that I've seen directed by McG. I've only seen two others, Charlie's Angels and Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. Both not really good movies and that's why I was probably supposed that this was a good movie. This movie was surprisingly funnier then I thought it would have been. That doesn't mean it's a comedy or anything. It's just got a few jokes scattered throughout the movie. I remember when watching I had thought to myself "Man, this movie is similar to Better Watch Out", and it wasn't until the third-act where this movie was really similar to Better Watch Out. Both movies literally have the exact same shot. I highly recommend watching this movie if you're into horror. Poor Samuel, he didn't want to be apart something big than himself. Also, I didn't realise I watched this movie one year after its release.

I hoped you enjoyed this issue of Letterboxd Reviews, see you next week for my review of IT (2017), my favourite horror movie.

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See ya soon,
Alex O'Brien

Bonus Content:
This week in bonus content, I'll have bonus reviews.
You're probably wondering why I have more reviews in Bonus Content, not the actual post, that's because they are of the same film and I felt that they deserve to be here.
Here we go:

Mom and Dad; Star ★★★ | Score: 7.5/10
Mom and Dad isn't as good as I hoped it was going to be but I still did have fun with this movie. This movie is way better if you know NOTHING about it before watching. If you don't want to know anything about it, don't read below.
Some of the highlights are Nic Cage, the wacky soundtrack and how suspenseful the movie was. Nic Cage and his overacting were perfect for this movie. It helps make something so ridiculous, even more ridiculous. The soundtrack did not suit this movie but that's not a bad thing. It made scenes that weren't pleasant and extremely dark, kinda funny as it caught you off guard and did something I didn't expect. Not saying that the terrible things that happened in this movie such as the killings of several children and a new-born child almost being bashed to death is funny, I'm just saying the soundtrack caught me off guard and made me laugh a tiny bit before realising how dark the scene that I'm watching was. This movie is filled with suspense moments. From the short opening scene that plays before a '70s theme open credits (which reminded me a lot of A Simple Favor), to the main kids running away from their parents in the house. This movie kept me wondering what will happen next. One of the biggest flaws of this movie is the overuse of flashbacks. At times I didn't know it was a flashback, at others, it just put the fast-paced scene at a holt. Slowing down and losing a lot of the tension it was building up. In the end, I enjoyed this movie. It wasn't great and had its flaws. I just wished I watched Hereditary instead.

Then 30 minutes later, I published this on Letterboxd:

Mom and Dad; Stars: ★★ | Score: 5.75/10
This review may contain spoilers.
I had a rethink, this movie isn't actually that great. Even though it is ranked at the bottom of the list of Horror movies I've seen (Date: 14/10/2018), doesn't mean the movie is terrible. Only a few scenes were great. The rules of the movie made no sense and the writing and editing wasn't overly great either and are all over the place at times. I remember a couple of odd and weird lines said throughout this movie, majority of them were said by Nic Cage. One of the lines was something like "I wanted to grab the world by the balls, boy". That line was as out of place and weird as Deadpool saying to "Give it by the d*ck tip and make it rain" to Dopinder in Deadpool 2 (trying to make my reviews PG). Not changing my mind on Nic Cage though, he was still the best part of this movie. When he sang the 'Hokey Pokey' while smashing a pool table, that he spent all day making, with a sledgehammer, I let out a laugh. This movie is unintentionally funny at times. For a movie with such a dark concept, there should be some funny jokes that make you feel good. This movie is a very dark comedy. Would I watch this movie again? Yes, just for Nic Cage. I have a question to leave you with, HOW DID DAMON NOT DIE SO MANY TIMES?!?!?!
Edit: What is with the editing? Why are there zooms on people's chins? What is this movie?
Also, Kendall should know that I'm less than half the age of 30 and I go to the movies ALL THE TIME.


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