My Thoughts on Netflix's Stranger Things

My Thoughts on Netflix's Stranger Things

Hello Readers,
I recently had surgery, so I'm sorry that I haven't been posting that much on the blog over the past week.

There are spoilers ahead. I advise that you watch Season 1 and 2 of Stranger Things before proceeding. It is a fantastic series and you're missing out if you haven't seen it yet.

While on my break, I rewatched Netflix's Stranger Things and today I will tell you my thoughts on the show. I have decided to do a Pros and Cons list and I hope you enjoy.
Just remember this isn't a review as I will be doing that later.

First, the Pros of Stranger Things:
My favorite episode of this show is 'Chapter Three: Holly, Jolly'.
This is the episode where it hooks you in. It introduces to the now iconic Christmas Light Alphabet Wall (picture below), it shows us the fate of Barbara Holland and has a killer cliffhanger.
All the main and supporting characters are great and likable (except for the Chicago gang, more about them below), the story is original and interesting and the villains of the series are pretty good, more about them later.

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The acting in this show is AMAZING!
Normally with child actors, they such and ruin everything. But in this show, they are one of the highlights.
The final two episodes in both seasons are great. It is like they are two-parter episodes. Normally the first of the two last episodes raises the stakes by the end of the episode by either making some characters' motivation more personal to find Will or take down the main villains of the season. Also, the final moments of the seasons have a brilliant payoff for their set-ups, in the form of either the takedown or find of a character/s or a great and fun epilogue.

The villains are pretty good. There is a contrast between the evil government to evil creatures from the dimension known as 'The Upside Down'. The evil government, otherwise known as the 'bad men' work for Hawkins Lab. Even though they are only one of the villains in season one, they are great. They are shown to be heartless and just bad people. Doing cover-ups of peoples' deaths, their own murders and what they unleashed the fateful day, they are menacing. Now for the evil creatures from 'The Upside Down'. The first of three villains from 'The Upside Down' is the Demogorgon. This faceless, man-sized, blood-attached creature is not only scary in looks but is scary in the fact that you don't know when it will attack. It is also one of the two villains from season one. The second of three villains from 'The Upside Down' is the Demidogs, also known as Stage Five Demogorgon. These creatures are much smaller than the stage above them and run faster. Their look is like a dog.
The last of the villains from 'The Upside Down' is The Mind Flayer. This creature is the big bad. Even though we don't really see The Mind Flayer that much throughout the second season but we get him in the form of his mind-controlled minions, the Demogorgon, the Demidogs and even one of the main characters, Will.

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Secondly (and sadly), the Cons of Stranger Things:
There are only two things that were bad about this show. I will talk more in detail in the review.
1. 'Chapter Seven: The Lost Sister'.
This episode is the worst episode in the entire series. When I watched this episode for the first time, I thought "This episode isn't that bad. It is a much-needed episode for Eleven as it contributes to her story arch. It wasn't as enjoyable or even as good as the rest of the episode in this series." But when I watched it for the second time, I couldn't even get past the half-way mark before skipping to the next episode.
The reason why this episode was bad wasn't Millie Bobby Brown's acting but more the story of the episode and the new characters that we are introduced to in this episode.
Whose idea was it to have Eleven join a gang of violent misfits in Chicago? I understand that Eleven is supposed to find her lost 'sister' but do we really have to be introduced to such annoying characters.

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2. The other bad thing about Stranger Things is the over-use of '80s songs. I mean I thought the opening scenes of Suicide Squad having ten songs in around twenty minutes was a bit over the top but in season two, there are SO. MANY. SONGS!

In the end,
I LOVE Stranger Things!
It does have its flaws but that still doesn't stop me from putting this right near the top of my favorite shows list.
I will bring out a review out later down the line.

Thank you so much for reading this post!
I hope you enjoyed and hopefully, I will get back to posting regularly.
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See ya soon,
Alex O'Brien


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