Blue Review

Blue Review
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In 2017, a documentary called ‘Blue’ was made. This documentary is directed and written by Karina Holden. It stars real-life doctors, environment experts Lucas Handley, Madison Stewart, Valerie Taylor, Jennifer Lavers, Tim Silverwood. ‘Blue’ was then released in 2018. It contains cometary issue such as people killing sharks and cutting off their fins, plastic in the oceans, sea creatures and animals that live on the ocean, dying from plastic being in the ocean and more.

The theme of Blue to tell people about how we are treating the environment and why we should stop our ways and do something healthier for the environment. This theme relates to present days society as plastic in our oceans is one of our world’s biggest problems right now. The reason why I think the filmmakers made this movie was that they wanted to express they thoughts on what is happening in the environment at the moment.
Blue (2017)
There were several film techniques used to make the filmmakers' opinions become clear to the audience. For example, they used dramatic music in the serious parts such as when they got bits of plastic out of the bird’s stomach. Also, when they used slow motion when the people were walking around in the illegal fishing markets.

Firstly, the film technique of using dramatic music in parts that be the most important, make the scene feel more uncomfortable and make us feel as sad that these birds are dying due to us being lazy and dumping our rubbish on the ground, instead of the bin.
Secondly, the film technique of using slow motion in certain parts of the film such as when they were walking through the illegal fishing market, helped make the scene more dramatic and impactful. It tries to show us that we these areas are helping to destroy the environment, and no one is doing anything to stop it.
Thirdly, the film technique of having the following shot when they showed us clips of dead sea animals floating down to the bottom of the ocean made us, the audience, feel sad as we are helping this happen. We aren’t saviors, we are killers. And we need to change that.
In the end, Blue is a great example of a documentary done right. Making us, the audience, feel uncomfortable when they wanted us, and make us feel sad when they wanted us to.

This documentary does a great job on telling us that we need to stop our ways of destroying the environment without even knowing it and to change our habits so we know what we are doing when we are dumping rubbish on the ground.
I give ‘Blue’ a 9 out of 10

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