See You In Three Weeks | Announcement

See You In Three Weeks | Announcement
Hello Readers,
I'm am away from my blog for three weeks!
I will be away from June 26th to July 7th.
While I am away, I have scheduled three posts to come out.
Post One will be coming out tonight, Post Two will be coming out on the July 3rd and Post Three will be coming out on July 8th!

Thanks for reading and for updates on me and what I am doing, join the discord. I will be posting stuff on what I am doing there. 

Thanks and see ya soon,
Alex O'Brien

My cousin, Cody Osborne, recently made a documentary titled " Loomeinance - Shining in the Dark" and he would love it if you watched and voted for it.

'Loomeinance - Shining in the Dark' is a short documentary by Cody Osborne. It is about a special needs kid named Kai. It talks about his everyday life and what he goes through. It's a must watch doco that you know that there was a lot of time and effort put into.
Please watch 'Loomeinance - Shining in the Dark' by clicking the link below and don't forget to vote!


Also, I have a discord server now!
On the discord server, you can talk to other people and even ME!
Click the link below to join: