How to Improve: A Wrinkle in Time

How to Improve: A Wrinkle in Time

WARNING: Everything that I say in these blog posts titled 'How to Improve' contain my own opinion, not anyone else's. If you disagree with anything I say, you are welcome to tell me in the comment section, but no rude or abusive comments towards me! I hope you enjoy the post! This post also contains spoilers for 'A Wrinkle in Time', 'Better Watch Out' and 'Wonder Woman'. If you haven't seen those movies, I reckon you should before reading on.

A Wrinkle in Time is Disney's latest live-action movie, starring Strom Reid, Chris Pine, Levi Miller and Oprah Winfrey. It is also the worst Disney film since 'Into the Woods'!

Even though throughout this post I have been dissing this movie. It does have it's good moments, good performances, especially from Chris Pine, and it has great costume design. But that is where the road ends with all the good stuff about this movie. Down below you will see all the things that I reckon Disney should have improved on before releasing this terrible movie to the world.

1. Make Sense:
One of my biggest flaws with this movie is how it just doesn't make sense. Characters opinions flip and flop throughout the movie with no warning. Explain to me why going across the universe and saving your missing dad makes you become a 'Warrior'? How long did Chris Pine think he was in that orange room? Why was Charles-Wallace so calm about everything? He legit runs into an old house not knowing for sure that Mrs Who would be in there. All of these things are caused because why not. It is half-baked.

2. Have Better Acting:
I have seen movies with some of the actors from 'A Wrinkle in Time' in it, and they all did better in them compare to this. If you have seen 'Better Watch Out', you would know how great Levi Miller is at acting. He perfectly portrays an innocent looking kid who really is a psychopathic murderer. Yes, I know that a Psychopathic Murderer is way different to an Average Joe but in 'Better Watch Out', he showed us that he was a good actor. But in this, he was terrible.

3. Characters:
This movie only has ONE good character. If you read up above, you would probably know who it is. Chris Pine's Alex Murray was great and made every scene that he was in super interesting. The Mrs' characters were BORING! For people that billions of years and are very knowledgeable, they were boring and super-annoying. The main characters, Meg Murry, Charles-Wallace Murray and Calvin O'Keefe, are complete strangers (except for the two Murry's, as they are brother and sister). They meet at school, meet up randomly out of nowhere and Calvin says, and I quote, "I just had this feeling to be here at this certain time". How 'Because Script' was that line? They tried to force character development and made us sympathize with the bully in this flashback/vision scene thing (I have no idea what it was) and it was awkward.

In the end, this movie has a lot of work to make it better and at least enjoyable besides Chris Pine.

Thanks and I hope you enjoyed my latest 'How to Improve' post.
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Alex O'Brien


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