How to Improve: Army of Darkness | Re-upload

How to Improve: Army of Darkness
This is the first in the series of blog posts I'm calling 'How to Improve'. In these blog posts, I give my opinion on how to improve a movie or tv show. My first post is about Army of Darkness!

WARNING: This blog post contains spoilers for 'The Evil Dead' (1982), 'Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn' and 'Army of Darkness'!

Army of Darkness is the third movie in the 'Evil Dead Trilogy'. It is my least favorite out of the three and I think it needs some improving.

1. Change the Classification Rating:
One of the best things in the previous two movies was the amount of blood and gore they had. Since the movie was rated R 18+, Sam Rami could have as much blood and gore as he wanted. Since Army of Darkness was rated M 15+, they were restricted to only one scene where they had a massive blood fountain.

2. Have More Deadites:
Even though the skeletons are called 'Deadites', I wanted the ones from the previous two movies. They were human-like looking things and were great monsters. Every scene they were in, in 'The Evil Dead' and 'Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn' was so amazing. They were terrifing characters. They could take over anyone and could try and gain your trust, turning back into the host's normal form. Trying to lure you into a grusome death. They were mostly absent from this movie, except from the 'Pit of Death' scene and the awesome end scene.

3. Change The Tone
The tone of the 'Evil Dead Trilogy' has gone from straight-up horror in 'The Evil Dead' (1982), to Horror-Comedy in 'Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn', to Comedy with some Horror in 'Army of Darkness. This annoys me as I loved the first two movies for their horror, but 'Army of Darkness' lacks a lot of the horror that I loved.

4. Twick The Villian
The villian in 'Army of Darkness' is Evil Ash. After being slain by Ash and buried, Evil Ash comes back to life, seeking revenge on Ash and wanting to get the 'Necronomicon' (The Book of The Dead) and take over the world. I would of liked Evil Ash more but he lacks the whole 'Ash' thing. He looks nothing like Ash Williams as his face is somehow melted. His voice was doesn't sound like Ash's, either. You knew his reasons on why he was evil and what his plan was, but Evil Ash not looking nor sounding like Ash Williams, just didn't make me like him enough.

Verdict: In the end, 'Army of Darkness' is an enjoyable movie (escepially if you just like the comedy side of the 'Evil Dead Trilogy' more than the horror) with some stuff that needs to be changed like the tone, twicking the villian, having more of those deadly deadites and changing the classification rating so it can do more stuff like in the first two movies.

Hope you enjoyed my first 'How to Improve' blog post. Please leave a comment and tell me what movie I should do a 'How to Improve' on next.