'The Beach Bum' Review

'The Beach Bum' Review
A Superb Mellow Bittersweet Comedy

Rating: ★★★★★

As free-spirited as its main character Moondog, this Matthew McConaughy-led feature is a mellow bittersweet comedy. It follows the rebellious stoner but lovable rogue as he lives large after a tragic accident which brings unexpected changes to his relaxed lifestyle.

This movie features several scenes of truly excellent storytelling. Some moments can be set up in the first act but then they bring it back at the end, giving you a different viewpoint and a new insight or meaning. One of the best scenes in the film is a four-to-five-minute long montage at around the half-an-hour mark set to Peggy Lee's 'Is That All There Is?' It features no dialogue from the characters involved, with the song being the only thing that is heard, but you know exactly how the characters feel about each other and how much they care for one another. It is such a delightful yet saddening moment that will stay with you.

'The Beach Bum' is like the "plastic bag flowing in the wind" video from 'American Beauty'. Some may find it to be pretentious trash while others will find it to be artistically beautiful. This reviewer is the latter. Superbly directed by Harmony Korine and brilliantly acted, most notably the excellent performance from McConaughy, this dramedy is as funny as it is melancholy. Very unconventional and free-following, many may not enjoy this movie but those who are willing to go with its near-plotless nature and arthouse-mainstream blended style will most likely be pleasantly surprised by this under-the-radar feature.