'The Cat in the Hat' Review

'The Cat in the Hat' Review
A Disaster of a Film that Results in a Blast to Watch

Rating: ★★

In late 2003, a masterpiece was released into cinemas. That masterpiece in question is Bo Welch's 'The Cat in the Hat'. In all seriousness, the film is far from being a good movie but from the moment it begins, it is an absolute blast to watch.
The adaptation of Dr Seuss' 1957 classic children's book of the same name, 'The Cat in the Hat', follows siblings Sally and Conrad as their of boredom is turned upside down when they are visited by the titular mischievous The Cat and his entourage when their mother isn't home.

From a filmmaking standpoint, this movie fails in almost every way. With every element beside Alex McDowell's excellent production design being either bad or bizarre, from the acting to the writing, it unintentionally made for a movie that was so fascinating to watch. There was nothing quite like 'The Cat in the Hat' before it came out and there surely has been anything like it since; a movie made for kids filled with immature and adult humour as well as being so unusual and absurd to the point of pure insanity. While it is easy to just hate on this movie given how poorly made it was, you have to admit there is something to admire here.

Is 'The Cat in the Hat' a movie of quality? No! But in terms of being a "so bad, it's good" flick, it is an endlessly entertaining and hilarious cocaine-laced acid trip that will not let up until the credits roll with a memorable yet insane performance from Mike Myers as the titular feline.