'Becky' Review

'Becky' Review
'Home Alone' but If It Were Brutal and Sadistic

Rating: ★★★★½

Much like the Levi Miller-starring 'Better Watch Out', 'Becky' attempts at being a far more violent and gory take on 'Home Alone'. But does deliver on its premise? Absolutely!
When her weekend getaway with her Dad and his partner and son is cut short by four escaped convicts led by Neo-Nazi Dominick who invade their house, rebellious teen Becky must defend her home and family.

The main reason to watch this movie is because of the strong performances from the two leads. Lulu Wilson proves to be one of the best female child actors in Hollywood right now. Both scary and powerful, she was thoroughly engaging to watch on-screen. Kevin James appears to be pulling an Adam Sandler, delivering a career-best dramatic performance in an indie film. And although James' portrayal as the terrifying Neo-Nazi may not be nomination-worthy, it is still great to see the star give us a performance that fully utilizes his talents.

Given this is essentially a sadistic version of 'Home Alone' set in the woods, you are probably wondering how is the violence and gore? For people who came to this film for that will not leave disappointed. This movie can be extremely brutal at points. Blood and gore aplenty when Becky dispatches the wicked villains.

On the side of filmmaking, 'Becky' also does not falter. The cinematography from Greta Zozula is very visually stunning. The editing by Alan Canant is well-used. The first five to ten minutes were enthralling to watch as they were spliced together with the two stories that would collide with each other before the first act ends; Becky and her Dad driving to their lakehouse, and Dominick and co. executing their escape plan. Nima Fakhrara's electric score is phenomenal, complimenting each scene it is featured in. And when these elements are all combined with Jonathan Milott and Cary Murnion's brilliant direction as its glue, you have a very stylish film and endlessly awesome film.

With killer performances (pun intended) from Lulu Wilson and (surprisingly) Kevin James, brutal yet satisfying deaths, stellar cinematography and excellent editing, 'Becky' is an incredibly well-made and violent revenge action-thriller.