'The Main Event' Review

'The Main Event' Review
A Generic and Annoying WWE Kids Flick

Rating: ½

Essentially a WWE commercial, 'The Main Event' is basically a feature-length version of the wrestling scene from 'Spider-Man' (2002) but minus any charm or entertainment. It's a movie that younger audiences and possibly WWE fans may enjoy, but anyone outside of that demographic will find this unbearably obnoxious.
The movie follows eleven-year-old aspiring wrestler Leo Thompson who, upon finding a magic mask that allows the user to harness special powers, enters a competition to become the next WWE superstar.
Given it's a kids movie, having a moral message is inevitable. Throughout the movie it sets up two possible contenders, one is cliched and overused while the other is a bit generic but still an important lesson to be taught to children. For some reason, they pick the former and it doesn't work.
It's an overly generic and predictable film. It shares several plot points and details from countless other kids movies, many of which are far better than this. From one look at the posters and the summary, you know exactly where it's going to go. And while movies with simplistic stories and predictable endings can be good, purposefully putting more effort into other areas, this movie does the opposite. Instead, phoning it in and delivering a movie of the lowest common denominator. With a movie like 'Fighting with My Family' existing, a movie that can be enjoyed by anyone including people who aren't fans of the sport, this film's blatant laziness becomes more egregious.   
With awful writing, bad performances and a misguided moral message, 'The Main Event' is a movie that can only be enjoyed by young children and maybe WWE fans. But for this reviewer, it's the worst movie of the year so far.