'Serenity' Review

'Serenity' Review
A Bonkers Unintentional Comedy Disguised as a Thriller

Rating: ?

Steven Knight returns to the directing chair, six years after his well-made drama-thriller 'Locke', with 'Serenity, the 2019 equivalent of 'The Room'.
The movie follows Baker Bill, a fishing boat captain who lives a quiet life on the isolated Plymouth Island. He spends his days fishing, drinking, battling personal demons and obsessively trying to catch an elusive tuna. But when a person from his past comes asking for help, his whole worldview is questioned.
Director and writer Knight and cast Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jason Clarke and Djimon Hounsou all seemingly lack the self-awareness to realise how crazy this movie is. They all deliver it very straight, so extremely campy and borderline fantastical scenes come across very odd.
When the inevitable twist comes around, it's very hard to take it seriously. It's so illogical and insane that it elevates this already bonkers mystery-thriller to a whole new mind-breaking level. To try and explain everything that happens in this movie with logic is near impossible. Rating 'Serenity' with my usual numerical rating system is to do it a disservice as it's both poorly made and obliviously genius.
With strangely committed performances, a bizarre story and an outlandish twist, 'Serenity' is a balls-to-the-walls thriller that is so peculiar and unintentionally hilarious, it has to be seen to be believed.