'Nada Clue' Review

'Nada Clue' Review
A Fun Comedy-Mystery Short Film

Rating: ★★★½

A very deadpan comedy-mystery short, 'Nada Clue' follows two incompetent detectives as they must solve a crime.
Although the short film's ending is quite predictable, the journey to get there is thoroughly entertaining.
David Esposito does a solid job with the direction and combined with his witty screenplay, he saves the movie from being yet another throwaway indie short. He and his co-star Ryan Crepack both do a great job playing low-intellect bumbling buffoons Detective Nick Marino and Detective Joel Dean. The chemistry they share as they clumsily try to solve the case is enjoyable to watch. Jes Vasquez also delivers a good performance as the burglary victim Veronica Hernandez. The way she reacts to the absurd things Marino and Dean do is very funny.
While it does fall victim to some common indie trappings, it easy to look past its flaws and enjoy the fun and often hilarious 'Nada Clue'.

If you'd like to watch 'Nada Clue' for yourself, here is the link to the short film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixqrI8M6_t4