'Fant4stic' Review

'Fant4stic' Review
A Strangely Watchable Mess

Rating: ★★½

From Josh Trank comes the now infamous fourth live-action take on one of Marvel's most popular superhero teams, 'Fantastic Four' (2015) or more commonly known as 'Fant4stic'.
The critical and box office bomb is a reimagining of Marvel's first superhero family's origin story. It replaces the campiness of the early 2000s movies with a brooding, darker tone. On paper, this movie sounds awesome, essentially doing what the 'The Dark Knight' trilogy did to Batman after Joel Schumacher's take on the character in the later 1990s. But unlike 'The Dark Knight' trilogy, 'Fant4sitc' is boring, lame and baffling at points (but in a strangely watchable and fascinating way).

From the scenes shown in the movie, there does seem to be something actually good hidden in all of this. Especially with all the cool and action-packed shots shown in the trailers and marketing material. But given what Josh Trank says in a tweet posted mere hours of the movie's worldwide release, we will most likely "never see it".

If you came to this superhero flick expecting, well, superhero stuff, sorry this isn't the movie for you. 'Fant4stic' constantly goes out of its way to try and not be a superhero movie; it's the least superhero movie to be a superhero movie. It takes around forty-five minutes of the one-hundred-minute runtime for the group to gain their powers (or to quote Sue Storm in this movie: "They're not powers, they're aggressively abnormal physical conditions"). And once Dr Doom is reintroduced into the film, it's only got about fifteen-to-twenty minutes left for the final showdown, practically the only fight sequence of the film. The movie is essentially eighty minutes of mostly uneventful scenes, passable performances from exceptional actors and heavy exposition, leaving the final 20 for a showdown that can be only described as anti-climactic and cliched.

With mediocre performances from great actors, dull writing and a bizarre direction, 'Fant4stic' is something to behold given how unusual it is.