'Gotti' Review

'Gotti' Review
A Boring Depiction of an Infamous New York Gangster

Rating: ★

From director Kevin Connolly, best known for his role as Eric Murphy from 'Entourage', comes the biopic 'Gotti', based on the life of the boss of Gambino crime family. With John Travolta as the titular infamous gangster, the movie was sure to be a "so bad it's good" hit, but tragically that isn't the case.
Best described as "detailed emptiness", the movie is packed with information and important moments in John Gotti's life, but it's executed in such a bland and unremarkable way that you'd completely forget what just happened. Leaving each scene to feel empty.
With bad acting, awful writing, painful cinematography, bizarre soundtrack, terrible editing and an unusual direction, this historical drama is sure to bore you to sleep.
If you're considering watching 'Gotti', fuggedaboutit!