'Crawl' Review

'Crawl' Review
A Tense B-Movie Horror Flick (With Alligators)

Rating: ★★★★

Brutal in every sense of the word, 'Crawl' follows Haley as she attempts to save and reconcile with her estranged Dad during a category five hurricane, but inadvertently gets herself trapped in a flooding house filled with alligators.
Director Alexander Aja expertly creates tense; leaving the audience on edge and scared of what comes next, thanks to the confined environment, menacing antagonists and bad cards being constantly dealt to the main protagonists.
The alligators are purely relentless killing machines. They are as terrifying on-screen, mauling people to death, as they are off-screen, lurking in the muddy water waiting to pounce.
The performances from the limited cast are solid. They're nothing to write home about but they serve their purpose without being obnoxiously bad.
Running at a short 88 minutes, this B-movie horror flick is sure to satisfy all your horror needs with the abundance of blood and gore, nerve-wracking tension, dumb decisions and ferocious villains.