'Suki' Review

'Suki' Review
A Dark Comedy Short Film That Should Be Longer

Rating: ★★★

'Suki', an experimental dark comedy, is the directorial debut by YouTuber Noel Miller. It follows an Asian woman named Suki who, driven by her thirst to kill, is on a mission for her final victim of the month.
While this movie has all the elements there to become a great dark comedy, they're all not used to their full potential.
The biggest problem with this film is the pacing and length. Running at 12 minutes, it feels rushed and condensed. This premise could of easily fit in a feature-length, where they could expand upon the characters, their motivations and the story as a whole.
While the dark humour can be morbidly funny at points, it never quite reaches the heights of Miller's other work.
The acting from the cast ranges from mediocre to good; no one is terrible nor hard to watch. Xinyi Cui delivers the best performance as the titular Suki.
Production design and costumes were surprisingly competent for its $20,000 budget.
The cinematography was visually unique and the editing had its moments of greatness.
If you're a fan of Noel Miller, you'll most likely enjoy this short. But if it had a bit more time in the oven and had it's length extended, Miller would have something great on his hands.