'Searching' Review

'Searching' Review
An Excellent Mystery

Rating: ★★★★★

'Searching' is a mystery-thriller with a twist, it's solely told through the screens of phones, laptops and computers.
Starting with a tear-jerking 'Up'-like opening scene, introducing us into a world and the movie's unique approach to the story, the movie quickly turns into every parents' worst nightmare as David Kim's 16-year-old daughter goes missing, what follows is a deep exploration of the vast extend a parent would go for their child, exploitative nature of trends and the downwards spiral of a distant family.
This film felt authentic; despite obviously being fictional (telling a story that based off no true story, featuring a musical score, etc), it still feels realistic. This is thanks to Aneesh Chaganty's impeccable direction and incredible writing as well as the marvellous acting from, most notably, John Cho, Michelle La, Debra Messing, Joseph Lee and Sara Sohn.
While the movie is ultimately taken quite seriously, there can be a lot of fun derived from it. Due to the immense amount of attention to detail put into the movie's mystery, if it's your first watch through and you're piecing all the clue together along with David or it's a repeat viewing and you're noticing all the hidden details and expert foreshadowing, there is a lot to enjoy.
A superbly acted and well-thought-out mystery-thriller set around a premise that doesn't feel gimmicky, 'Searching' is one of the best mystery films in recent memory.