'Force Majeure' Review

'Force Majeure' Review
A Slow Moving, Tense Family Drama

Rating: ★★★★½

An excellent Swedish slow-burn and tension-filled drama, 'Force Majeure' explores the effects of a dissolving marriage and masculinity in crisis in a very unique and subtle way.
Running at just under two hours, this movie patiently moves along while meditating on the characters' decisions. There are more scenes of silence and contemplation than there are scenes including dialogue, which some may find too boring or slow but those who stick with it will be rewarded.
The acting across the board is amazing. The child actors, despite not being in the movie a whole lot, were surprisingly good. Johannes Bah Kuhnke's slight and ingenious performance is something to behold. The way he expresses his thoughts and emotions solely through body language is extraordinary.
With dialogue that feels masterfully crafted and necessary as well as a sophisticated story that unfolds unpredictability, the screenplay is nothing short of phenomenal.
Several scenes could have derived more comedy out of the situation but director Ruben Östlund smartly decided not to make them as funny as they potentially could have been. No other director could've made this movie as impactful as it was. 
This surreal yet realistic feeling exploration of a family's downhill descent is both depressing and well-made. A must watch for movie fans but not to be seen with family members, partners or loved ones.