'Love, Death + Robots: THREE ROBOTS' Review

'Love, Death + Robots: THREE ROBOTS' Review
Post-Apocalyptic Tour Guide

Rating: ★★★½

Following three robots on a tour guide through a post-apocalyptic city, 'THREE ROBOTS' is the funniest short out of 'Love, Death + Robots'.
The jokes consisted of deadpan delivery, sight gags and lack of knowledge of human history.
The voice acting was great. Josh Brener and Gary Anthony Williams did a great job bringing their characters to life.
The art style, a mixture of realistic 3D CGI and cartoonish 3D CGI, was visually incredible.
The biggest problem with the short is its length. It's too short. I was having such a great time, enjoying the story and world, and then it ended. I wish it could be longer.
With its great voice acting and visually stunning animation, 'THREE ROBOTS' is one of the better shorts from 'Love, Death + Robots'.