'Super Monsters Save Christmas' Review

'Super Monsters Save Christmas' Review
A Super Monstrosity of A Children's Christmas Film

Rating: ★

While waiting for Martin Scorsese's new 209-minute gangster film to drop on Netflix, I decided to watch this film that is obviously targeted towards three-year-olds (I am 15). Don't ask why as I don't know either.
'Super Monsters Save Christmas' is a Christmas film that only target audience, being young toddlers, would enjoy.
The dialogue was forgettable, leaving me to feel lost several times throughout. The script is also incredibly unsubtle.
While the colors are vibrant; the movement was odd, the character designs were weird and it didn't take full advantage of its animated environment, leaving much to be desired.
It isn't until after the halfway mark when the movie actually starts, rendering the first 12 minutes to be filler.
The powers of the Super Monsters left me confused. Why does a zombie have the ability to see and walk through walls? Why is a werewolf as fast as The Flash?
The short movie is filled with mixed messages. Some are important to know while others are something I wouldn't want an impressionable young child to learn.
And don't even get me started on how bad the singing is.
Standing at 24-minutes long, 'Super Monsters Save Christmas' is a boring waste of time that can only be enjoyed by someone who has never seen a film before or anyone under the age of four.