'Super Monsters and the Wish Star' Review

'Super Monsters and the Wish Star' Review
A Monster Slog of an Animated Christmas Movie

Rating: ½

I don't know why I watched yet another 'Super Monsters' movie but here we are.
'Super Monsters and the Wish Star' is a 27-minute short movie that even its target audience would find boring.
The story is incredibly confusing. Half the runtime is the characters making plans for Christmas night, while the other half is the most annoying character put to screen mucking around.
Glorb is, besides the Minions in the later films of the 'Despicable Me' franchise, the most obnoxious gibberish-speaking animated characters of all time. I want to punt him into the Sun.
The writing is dull and features fictitious words that shouldn't be taught to children (Example: "funniest" which is pronounced "fun-est").
The colors are vibrant but the movement was odd, the character designs were weird and it didn't take full advantage of it's animated setting, leaving much to be desired.
The singing and songs are atrocious. It was auto-tuned to all hell with terrible lyrics.
The voice acting is awful. The voices sound monotone with emotion injected in post.
Running at just under half-an-hour, 'Super Monsters and the Wish Star' is a slog that even the target audience of young toddlers would find bad.