'Swiped' Review

'Swiped' Review
The Worst Movie of All Time!
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Rating: ½

I may come across as mean and rude throughout this review as I explain how terrible this movie is, remember I'm not the only person who hates this film. As 16/8/19, 'Swiped' is rated on 3.2/10 with 5,428 reviews on IMDb, out of the 3.2 thousand people on Letterboxd that have seen this movie, 1.6 thousand gave it ½ and the movie is 17% on Rotten Tomatoes.

I could have stopped at any point but I didn't, I watched the whole movie so you don't have to.
'Swiped' is the most misogynistic, sexist and dumbest movies I've ever seen, and it's written and directed by a WOMAN!
The film follows James, a coder, who's roommate, Lance, semi-forces him to make a dating app where you don't give each other your names or any information about each other, you just hook-up. By the way, for the majority of the film, they portray Lance and his friends as visionaries and (questionably) good people. I hate this movie with a burning passion!
This film should be shown in film schools, not to show how to make a good film but what not to do.
I prefer the cinematography from 'Land of the Lost' ("the cinematography was insulting" - Alex O'Brien, 'Land of the Lost' Review) over the cinematography in this trash can of a film. The lighting is off, the camera is out of focus a lot and there is always something blocking the shot or something that isn't supposed to be in the shot but the director couldn't be bothered to do another take and went with the shot that is now in the final cut of the movie. It looked like a student's first film that they ever made after not touching a camera ever.
The acting is atrocious! The actors looked, sounded and felt defeated, they knew what they were making was bad and didn't bother to try and improve it through their performances. Hey, have I mentioned I hate this film, a lot!
I'm not sure what genre this even is. It's listed as a comedy and drama but at no point did I laugh or feel any dramatic tension.
The sound quality is abysmal. At points the audio was echoey, two people next to each other had two different volumes despite speaking equally as loud, sometimes I could hear the character's voice due to the extras being too loud or the sound effects being too loud. The terrible sound effects felt out of place.

The editing was appalling. There were countless continuity errors and too many nonsensical cuts.
The screenplay is a disaster, maybe the worst put to film. None of the characters were relatable, likable or believable. The character development felt rushed and all over the place.
While watching this film, a piece of my soul died. There was nothing remotely good about this film. It's an insult to the viewer and an insult to the film industry.
'Swiped' has officially dethroned 'The Emoji Movie' and now has become the worst movie of all time!