'Den of Thieves' Review

'Den of Thieves' Review
A Surprisingly Fun Heist Flick

Rating: ★★★½

'Den of Thieves' is a heist flick that has no business being as fun or good as it is.
The great cinematography, dull colour pallet and awesome score combined brought a gritty feel to the film.
Setting up for the big third act, the first two acts had a more serious tone and felt more grounded in reality rather than the far-fetched heist and action sequences that followed.
The set-pieces, especially the ones featured in the final act, were thoroughly entertaining. It was satisfying to see the heist that had been built up for over 90 minutes happen. 
With the film's ending, several scenes that took place beforehand boil down to filler. Besides a tiny bit of character development, there is no real pay-off, and at 140 minutes in runtime, some of those scenes should have been cut to make the movie feel less longer than it is.
Given its unpredictable plot and events, it was really fun guessing what was going to happen next.
With its Usual Suspects-esque ending, I'm excited to see where Christian Gudegast takes the sequel.