'Angel Has Fallen' Review

'Angel Has Fallen' Review
An Enjoyable Action Film

Rating: ★★

'Angel Has Fallen' is the third in the 'Fallen' trilogy.
Given I hated 'London Has Fallen' (), I was surprised how much I enjoyed its sequel. It had a lot of the same problems as its predecessor but it was one thing 'London Has Fallen' wasn't, entertaining.
Yes, at best, the CGI looks like something from a Syfy film such as 'Sharknado'. Yes, the script is nonsense. The dialogue is silly and a bird. A president can't be that dumb... oh. The score doesn't fit the film. It belongs to a horror film, not an action-thriller. Yes, this film features some of the worst cinematography and editing I've seen in an action film. From the opening scene, I immediately realized how predictable and bonkers the following two hours were going to be. Its whodunit plot was enjoyable, but it's a bummer that it ended when the first act did. The villain's plan and motivation are thinner than paper and the film has the same amount of subtlety as turning to the camera and blatantly telling the audience what is happening.
But despite all of the film's very evident flaws, I still had a great time. The film is self-aware of what it is and doesn't care if you like it or not. It was on the edge of being so bad it's good and genuinely enjoyable. Go with your friends and enjoy!