'Unicorn Store' Review

'Unicorn Store' Review
"the worst film I have ever seen" - Alex, below 
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Rating: ½
From looking at Netflix's range of new original films, Unicorn Store stood out for two reasons. It's intriguing title and also being Bri Larson's feature directorial debut.  Unfortunately, it didn't live up to my expectations.  It's the weirdest, most pointless movie I had ever seen. It's just a load of nothing, absolutely nothing. Why does this exist? Is it a satire? Does it take place in the mind of a four-year-old? We don't know! This is a waste of time. I was originally going to not give this movie a rating, due to it being a pile of nothing, but I went with half a star. That is because there was a unicorn and for Brie Larson.
This movie felt like a slow-burn horror film with the final reveal of the unicorn at the end flipping everything we saw before, on its head. But that is sadly not the case.
This is too childish for adults to enjoy, too adult for children to enjoy and too nothing for anyone to enjoy.
No wonder this film was shelved for two years.
It is the worst movie I have ever seen! But other people have liked it so give it a chance and perhaps you might like it more than me. 


  1. this is a phenomenal film way better than that shit Godzilla


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