'Superbad' Review

'Superbad' Review
A Funny Teen Comedy
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Rating: ★★★½
I watched the trailers to 'Good Boys' and 'Booksmart' (two movies I am looking forward to), and heard that they are a lot like 'Superbad'. I saw it was on Netflix and decided to watch it. Immediately I was happy I wasn't watching this with my Dad.
'Superbad' felt like an anthology film at times. With each scene being a short story and every story trying to out-crazy the last.
There were times where I laugh out loud hysterically, especially during the supermarket scene, but there were dry spots throughout the film that didn't have any laughs at all.
The characters were unique and likable except for Jonah Hill's Seth, who I thought was too selfish and rude to the people around him to be likeable. Yes, he did change throughout the film but he did relatively stay the same. I did like McLovin a lot though.
It felt long and definitely, could have been a nice tight 90-minute comedy instead of being close to two hours long.
Overall, I did enjoy this movie. Not as much as I hoped but I got a laugh out of it. I reckon when I go back and watch it again that I'll like it even more.
Thank you to Murray Power for suggesting this movie to me.