'John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum' Review

'John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum' Review
A Good Action Film
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Rating: ★★★½
'Parabellum' is the third and, sadly, worst entry into the John Wick series. It's still a good, enjoyable movie.
Starting moments after the fantastic 'Chapter 2' (★★★★½), John Wick is on the run from everyone who wants a piece of that $14 million for his head. From these opening scenes, comes some of the best action scenes of the film. The knife and axe fights in the antique shop was a joy to watch and Wick using a horse as a weapon was hilarious.
This movie was surprisingly funny at times with the way John despatched his enemies.
The acting was solid from everyone in the cast. The script was good. But the amazing colour-pallet from the previous film had been dialled down.
This movie feels more like a sequel to 'John Wick' (★★★★) than 'Chapter 2'. Especially in its tone and pacing. One of the worst things about 'John Wick' was its pacing. The action scenes were fast but almost everything was slow. Sadly, it's the same thing with 'Parabellum'.
Despite all the problems this film has, I still really enjoyed it. It might not be the best John Wick movie, but it contains some of the signature over-the-top action that makes you want more and fans of the previous two will enjoy it.